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G.S. in Saffron Walden, Essex

I'm amazed at just how different I feel - it's really made a difference

to how I'm feeling. I can't wait to get up and get started with my

seminar work. Now I have worked on my confidence, I can't wait to

actually get up there and be a success!



S.J. in Chelmsford, Essex



N.B. in Harlow, Essex

The Weight Loss Hypnotherapy programme has helped me to find the confidence I need to make some fantastic changes in my life, as well as losing 2 stone! Thank you for all your help and advice, I'd recommend you to anyone else looking to lose weight and rediscover themsleves!


A.S in Saffron Walden, Essex




E.B in Ware, Hertfordshire

I really appreciate all your help, having helped me move on from a very troubled period of my life. I can now begin to rebuild and start a fresh!




Robert is extremely professional and has a detailed knowledge of his area of expertise. I have experienced very positive, life-changing results from the treatment that Robert has provided


S.B in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire



Anger Management

Weight Loss

Smoking Cessation

Grief & Depression

Stress & Anxiety

I'm feeling more positive now than I have ever done before.

Calm and in control - hypnotherapy works!

S.S in Hertford, Hertfordshire

Corporate therapy Harlow Stop Smoking Essex

Thank you so much for the work we covered in the sessions. Since

then, my relationship with my son has improved ten-fold and I have

begun to see all the important things in life! I'm already acting

calmly and in control and not resorting to shouting first and

thinking later.

From the moment I stepped out of the door, I knew I'd become a non-smoker! I admit being a little sceptical at first, but the results and experience speak for themselves!